Etsy Shop selling unauthorized graphics

There was a discussion here about Etsy shops selling stolen fonts, now I guess it’s time for graphics!

This shop is selling digital graphics and I beleive they have no right doing it:

I identified one of my illustrations and have just sumbitted DMCA to Etsy. I’ve recognized some of other illustrations which I know are being licensed through microstock agencies by different illustrators. I think the images were probably acquired on Shutterstock or some other microstock agency but there are people selling both here and there.

Nor CM license terms, neither Shutterstock permit reselling digital grapchis. And none of the agencies where I license my illustrations.

Check out if your work is being sold illegally as well. There are mostly animal illustrations, lettering, american football.

Unfortunately these pop up all the time on Etsy.
Thanks for sharing.

Check out this thread Join our anti-piracy group!

You can add that shop to the master DMCA document.

It looks like stuff they get off cheap vector sites like vecteezy and freepik. DON’T put your stuff on those sites guys!!! Looking for people to rip you off. If you must add to those sites, just add the stuff you are not currently selling, or old stuff you never ended up using.

I see this so often on Etsy and I feel sorry for designers who are showcasing their work on those so called “free” or subscription-based vector stock sites. Don’t do it.

I put only stuff on there that did not make the cut. They can rip that off if they must it won’t hurt my business… I am making a buck off the stuff from the bottom of the leftover pile. I will never put my shop’s stuff on there… never.

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I don’t upload my illustrations to vecteezy and freepik. My guess is that in this case the stuff came from Shutterstock. Maybe they even bought the licenses to get the vector files.

Anyway, it looks like the shop has been taken down, for the moment at least.

@Jakebrown Thank you for the info, somehow I missed that thread.

The shop in question was taken down, it seems, after about 10 people submitted DMCAs.

I’ll keep the anti-piracy thread in mind in case something like this happens again (and it probably will). :expressionless:

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Oh yes, it seems like there are plenty resellers on Etsy. I spotted my designs there in the past. Also, from time to time I get messages from other people who notice my artwork there.

In almost all cases my stuff was taken from Freepik. So, I agree with @MyClipArtStore that Freepik might attract potential resellers.

At first I used to send a private message to these resellers kindly asking them to remove my stuff. But submitting a DMCA is definitely a better idea.