Enterprise Sales Form

Hi friends,

I get the mail about Enterprise Sales and saw this form: https://creativemarket.com/enterprise?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=enterprise_campaign_2851048

Can I ask for help what is it about and should I submit this form? Is it only for companies? Sorry I’m new in CM.

And sales mail adress ( sales@creativemarket.com ) is not working :frowning: So I couldn’t ask to them :sneezing_face:

@demetozge Hello!

That form for custom project license if company or enterprise is looking for purchase and they need license so CM will help them as per inquiry :blush:

This form for buyer point of view

for seller get benefits if some one apply query for custom design or project and they want license from us then CM will reach out to us.

It’s like company and creators collabration by CM :sparkles:

That will benefit seller for more custom project point of view.

Oh, I see. So this is an only information mail, isnt it? Thank you @Khushbugohil

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@demetozge Yeah for inform😊 as many more to come!

@Khushbugohil OH NOO I WAS EXCITED :rofl:

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@demetozge That’s great you excited as it’s benefits for seller as well🥳

Think about if kid stationery company want you to give work so using CM it’s more easy to connect as per systematic way.

I thought the form is an example for potential customers who somehow need a special license. I almost have the impression that this is also about making money by offering special licenses to customers, of course CM earns money on this. But so far nothing has been said about whether or how much we can earn as seller.

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