Earnings lower than 50% after new VAT form confirmation

Why my earnings are lower than 50%. I have updated my VAT information on Dec 29 - in fact I have confirmed that there were no changes in my payout/tax informations. Now from every sale in new year i get lower than 50% of the price. Why??? I have asked the support - no answear. Does anyone else have same problem?

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I just sold 2 products today, and where I should have got $9.60 I only got $6. Really hope it’s just a glitch and will come right. I thought I had completed my tax form in December when the notification kept on prompting me to, I completed all the steps it had at the time, but now I checked it today and it seemed to have additional steps which I then completed. So I’m at a loss? @drew.coffman any thoughts perhaps please? :pray:

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Hey @ReneJP , I would definitely recommend contacting our Support team so they can look into the personal details of your account!

Thanks Drew :slight_smile: much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Drew, please could you advise what the contact details are for the support team? I cant seem to find any info on how to contact them? Thanks :slight_smile:

On the top of this page is a small button that says “contact support”

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: