Drew Coffman - Can you explain to us what is happening on CM

@drew.coffman please clarify the situation on CM. I don’t want to hear about how hard you try, how much you love the community, but what have you done, that in the month that brings the increase in sales, we have a decrease of nearly 50%?


Just subscribing to the post. Guess it’s pretty hard in summer - people are outside rather than sitting inside and designing :slight_smile:

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My sales are just free falling dramatically…

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@TypoEdition All have been silent for a long time, since spring. No one answered me or anything that can be understood. Neither tech support nor @drew.coffman. As soon as you ask a question about sales, everyone disappears somewhere. It seems to me that they themselves do not know what is going on with them.


May be due to new experiment and transition of audience from personal use to targeting commercial use and companies.

I’ve seen a significant sales drop in across other distributors as well which is unusual for a September. But my cloud-based income during that period has increased about 20%. Perhaps the decrease isn’t specific to CM.

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ya like we had a meeting where we got to see the ceo on zoom and I thought that things would get better but my sales have dipped all the way to 1.97 and that’s never happened. What is going on?

Also why are people getting hand picked whos entire product line is stolen unsplash pics with the images cut out? I haven’t been handpicked in over a year and I continuously upload several times in a month.


my sales are definitely dipping specific to CM, I made double on Esty in September, my site I did about the same but I lost 50% of my revenue in in only September, so I checked my listings and all of them have disappeared from the 2cnd or third pages as I have been on here longer since 2017 so my stuff naturally has more sales and had been on top but all my content disappeared from search completely, usually it would dissipate slowly from the top with no sales, but I have had ongoing sales from my products so it wasn’t until my products completely were just wiped that my sales took a dip. not sure if its a bug or what, I do see new shops on the front page and they havent had any sales so I don’t know what is going on. Can @drew.coffman please explain? What happened to September???

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this is weird because the same thing happened to me since August. the sales are completely gone. it isn’t even a reduction. it just went flat bizzarely… anyone know what’s happening ? :frowning:

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