Drawing the line between quantity & quality

I could use some advice. I’ve been working SO HARD to create high-quality products (as we all have) but I’m seeing very little traction. I opened my shop in mid-July and so far I’ve had 87 sales (2.8% conversion rate, 7 products currently available). A handful of that is from personal promotion my Instagram (14k followers).

My questions:

  • Obviously quality is so important, but where does one draw the line between shipping the minimum viable product in order to keep moving forward vs. making sure its top tier and can compete?

  • Do you have any advice for me for my current shop? Is my niche (playful hand lettering) too saturated? Is my work not good enough? Are my marketing images blah? Just need to give it more time? (that’s what I’ve been doing but don’t want to put into another 100 hrs in the wrong direction). I was in the hand picked email this week (BLESSED) but only received a couple sales from that.

My goal is to make $30k from Creative Market in 2022 (selling an average of 10 products/day). My stepping-stone goal is $1k/month (selling 4 products/day). Both of these goals feel so out of reach with how it’s going. Would love any and all feedback. Thank you! -Becky



I just looked at your shop, very, fun. I think I may be able to help you out a bit check your messages

I feel the same with @beckymsimps, I sincerely appreciate it if you can give us advice too. Our shop is https://creativemarket.com/OuiStudio . Thank you!

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hey Oui, yeah I am so down to help. I’ll send you a message.