Dragging shop's thumbnails is not longer possible

I don’t know if this is new, but just recently, we had the ability to drag our products thumbnails to any position we liked in the same page. Now it seems that we can only move it to the last page or the first page. Is this right @drew.coffman?


Same issue. It makes arranging my Shop as inconvenient as it possible.

Moreover, after CM turned off the ability to set the product’s position number, I have cut uploading products quantity more than in a half.
So if CM will turn off dragging products ability – I have to stop uploading at all because arranging is impossible :frowning:


Same here! Is it being fixed? Some response would be highly appreciated! @drew.coffman

Or am I doing something wrong? I’ll try to contact Support as well.

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Hey there, have you experienced a new change within the last week? Would love to know more details! :slight_smile:

Hey @drew.coffman, if you are talking about the inability for us to really customize the order of our own shop’s thumbnails the way we want, then Yesss!!! I have noticed it.

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Yes, this function (dragging the product to any place) does not work now. This is very inconvenient. I would like the Creative Master to return everything as it was!