Does Offer Free Goods promote the store?

Does Offer Free Goods promote the store? Who used it? I only have 4 subscribers and 2 buyers? How to promote a store? WordPress products.

Hey @MajesticThemes , I’d absolutely recommend submitting some of your products to Free Goods! This area of the site is a great way to get your shop noticed by customers. That being said, the amount of products being submitted to Free Goods is extremely high, so we can’t pick them all! It might be a good idea to take a look at our Free Goods offerings, week after week, and determine if anything you can make would be a good fit. Hope that’s helpful!

I offered a free good early last year, and while I don’t know exactly how much traffic that brought to my store, I can tell you that it did increase my followers a little and increased my shop’s traffic significantly. To date, I have 13, 105 views on that product, and when I was offering my product as a free good, I had 25, 411 downloads of that product. One thing that is great about offering a free good is people are general really appreciative of you offering a free goods they are more likely to react positively to your product. Don’t get discouraged if your free good offer is rejected by Creative Market. I used to submit free goods quite regularly and they always got rejected so I eventually gave up and stopped submitting my products for free goods. A few months later, I decided to try one more time and I finally got approved to offer a free good so don’t give up and keep submitting products.

Ive never had a free good accepted after 3 years I gave up and I dont think it matters really its a short boost but if you are struggling maybe try it.