Diversifying Products

Hey crew, We out Here! I am excited to be part of the forum and connect with everyone selling digital products. I am selling Fonts for now and am looking to diversify and branch out to other products but I am not sure where to focus my efforts any tips on other products besides fonts that do well here on Creative Market?

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Hey @ThatThatCreative ! Glad to have you here! I can definitely say that brushes and textures perform really well and might be categories worth looking into! If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to read my teammate Laura’s recent trend report on what’s selling!

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Hiya! I would do textures if I was you - something to compliment your fonts (and then use these in your preview images for the fonts too). That way if they browse your shop, they can find something that goes with the font they i tens to purchase from you :slight_smile:


thanks @angelainthefields I think I will try my hand at textures

Welcome to CM! To piggyback on what was already stated, textures are worth trying. I sell my fair share of them and they do well. They’re fun to make and
are a versatile design asset. Give them a try.

By the way, your current products look great man. Keep up th good work!


thanks @jesse I have been at font making fonts for over a year now and am just starting to see some payoff. Its nice to hear you like the work.