DISCUSSION : Thoughts on freebies websites

So I have come to ask myself the question, the purposes of these websites after yesterday coming to a realization that, essentially if you offer a free product to any of these type of websites, you are giving them more “publicity” since they put their own download link.

But then another thought arises among this realization, does it matter if your work is been downloaded for free solely on the “website” and directly link to your behance / shop in the description?

On one hand I am perplexed because yes it could “potentially” send those that are interested in your work, to check your shop, but on the other hand I question how many read the description of the free product, to even to check your work out to begin with?

What do you guys think about this? Have you shared your freebies on these type of sites, or you don’t do it at all?


I shared a free product on CM and in the download of the product added a link to my website where they could sign up to be on my mailing list in exchange for another free product. about 1 out of 1000 actually signed up for the email list.

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Aside from CM, have you shared your free products on platforms outside of CM? If so, how was your experience with it?

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I’ve been sharing free products directly from my store on Behance. I have about 2 that generate decent traffic for me everyday, brings in occasional sales and most importantly, it has been growing my email list slowly. That was my main thing. While not everyone checks out my storefront I have enough people taking the time to subscribe even though it’s not mandatory.


Besides CM I have only shared free things on my personal site. i just use it to build up an email list. It is very slow going but it increases slowly as my sales on 3rd party markets increase.


Ah interesting! Will keep that in mind.

Gotcha. Sounds good. Seems the same as Jesse then. :ok_hand:

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After testing the whole freebie thing, like setting it up with “pixelsurplus”, it definitely left an odd taste in the mouth, because the link technically just leads to their site + download pages so… moving forward I am not teaming up with any websites that asks to offer creators freebies on their site. That’s the conclusion I am reaching after reading here, and try it out myself.

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Yeah that’s the idea. Adding that additional funnel you can call your own to supplement the efforts you have going on here for example. Try it out and see. Wishing you good luck as well!

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Long time ago since I visited cm community. I can tell, you guys are all wrong. Example https://freemockup.net/ post free mockups and it redirects to the product owner. They have either just free item or also premium version. In this way you can get more exposure and you can sell direct to your site instead of trying to bring buyers in CM Site which they cut 40% commission and they don’t give a damn about you. I am also selling my items direct to my site. I see no future in cm. Thanks to free templates I have enough buyers that I don’t even need CM anymore.

I checked the website, and in my opinion it’s the same same thing for any “Free Resources” websites out there. Because will always is a middleman between your Free Product, thus most views will go to the actual website and not the respective creator.

A good example of someone doing their own platform is Mr.Mockup or Flyerwrk. As a creator, we have to think where we want to put our work, since in the end, if there is always a middleman between what we produce, then we aren’t intentionally connecting to our audiences.

Which of course is also the situation we are in via using Creativemarket. While it serves a gateway towards reaching a broader audience, it still is a middleman, or any other platforms you sell on. Some better than others of course.

This does bring me back to a podcast that Dustin Lee/Retrosupply mentioned about not relaying solely on the market to provide for you, rather to slowly make your own website/platform, that way you can connect better with people that are interested into what you produce.

Is not the same. Example: ID Card Holder Free Mockup – Free PSD Mockup Templates - Best Freebie Mockups see, download will redirect to mrmockup site. Same will do unblast, mockupworld and other sites. When all these sites will bring you visitors, you have way more views, buyers etc… :grinning:

It’s not redirecting to the original creator/designer, it’s redirecting back to the Free MockUp site WHICH is exactly what I mean, with middleman. It’s not the individual shop owners, own websites. But already came to the conclusion what I will be doing proceeding forward with free resources.

@theearthyforger to me it redirect to mrmockup site after I click ‘free download’. Not sure if you are in phone. I am in desktop right now and it works perfectly. Anyway, it’s just my opinion based on my personal experience with my own site since I started to sell direct and not via CM.

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