Digital paper selling on Etsy using my clipart


Can someone sell digital paper which made by my clipart on Etsy? It’s jpg so can’t extracted my clipart as it is.

They are asking for commercial use
@Sofydoll_Designs any suggestion?

Thank you :blush:

@Khushbugohil - I suppose that would be up to you. As long as they can’t extract the individual elements to sell as is. I would check out their Etsy shop to see what exactly they sell. it’s confusing as Commercial licenses are generally for this type of thing but not knowing the specifics, hard to say. Perhaps someone else here can give a better answer.

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@Sofydoll_Designs Thank you for your point of view.

They are selling digital paper on etsy it’s also seems me reselling type but as per them it’s jpg paper ready to print or use in different application so can consider as commercial license

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They are supposed to significantly alter the elements, not just copy and paste them in. Or layer them with other things. Essentially your art should not compose the main element of the digital design. It’s difficult to do, but can be done properly. I don’t think anyone who buys art online even knows how to use it according to the license terms. CM terms are not very clear.


I’d say no when it comes to the license. I think digital paper is not an end product but rather a tool to make things with. I also feel digital paper and clipart are in the same category that way and the purchaser would then be selling a competing product in the same field basically.

However, if you decide you’re okay with it, or agree to terms like specific alterations etc, that’s your call to make a custom license or agreement.


@Manon.Lef Thank you for your guidance!

@MariaBPaints yes that’s why they ask to use my clipart on digital paper because they understand this as commercial use license of CM (selling is commercial like that point of view)

I allow this if they purchase a commercial license and use at least 3 objects, but just placing the clipart onto digital paper with no further design is not okay.


@photohacklovers Thank you so much!

I would also allow it if my clipart was just a small part of a greater design. Using ‘as is’ would be a big fat NO.


@angelekamp yeah I agree with you

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