Decreasing views/sales

Hey, does anybody experiencing huge drop of traffic and sales during last and current week? I feel like my views and sales are twice lower than usual. Even though I can see my products on first and second search result pages (I mean my products are still visible).
Is it because of holiday times? What are yours suggestions?

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Same here, I already had a bad November and Black Friday wasn’t all that great. In December I had very few sales - for no obvious reason. Anyway, I will see if it continues in the rest of December.

Hi! I wasn’t here last year but this month has been poor for me too (compared to previous months) :disappointed:

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December is always slow for me. As well as the Summer months. It usually picks up again in January.

This is my 6th December on CM so I would know :innocent:


Hey all my sisters. Can you tell me your experience with Creative Market? Approximately, how much do you earn per month? In which category you sell items? You’re here since?

I just want this info for knowledge… I want to start my shop here.

Thank You in advance. Merry Christmas.

Hi all! I have the same story … There are few sales in December. Although there are a lot of views, and this month my works got into the blog of the creative market and the in the Staff Picks … Let’s see what happens in January
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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