Customer wants to use product for print-on-demand sites

Hi everyone, I tried searching for topics regarding this, and I’m sure there are many–but possibly because of the redesign CM doesn’t show ANY result at all, so I hope you can help me with this for now. Thank you.

A customer who bought from me with a Commercial License is asking for a “written permission/verification from the artist/owner that it’s okay to use the graphics on print-on-demand products on (POD website)”.

Obviously, according to CM’s terms, this is prohibited–and that is what I will tell them. But now I’m worried it won’t matter and they will just keep selling as is. Is there any way at all to prevent this from happening, or monitor it with CM’s help to implement its terms?

And on another note, since the average competitive price of clip art here is around $10~, even according to CM’s recommendation, the artist is always on the losing end here, no?

I’ve also just had an enquiry about this. Keen to have this clarified.

Hey there!

We get a lot of questions about POD websites and I’m happy to help! Here’s what our Commercial License terms say:

“Any use that allows anyone other than the Licensee, such as an end user, to customize a digital or physical end product is prohibited, whether for Commercial use or Non-commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, “print on demand”, “made to order”, or “download on demand” application.”

This does not mean that print-on-demand services as a whole are prohibited. It means that a customer is prohibited from purchasing your product and then putting that EXACT product on a print-on-demand service where it can be customized by others.

So, we don’t exactly have enough clarification from the customer who reached out to you. If they’re simply taking one of your products and reselling it and allowing someone to ‘modify’ it before purchase, that’s prohibited (which makes sense!). If they’re incorporating it into their own design in a way that includes meaningful change, that’s allowed.

Hope that was helpful clarification! Let me know if you have any follow up questions :slight_smile:


Hi - I would appreciate clarification on this. Today I found one of my patterns being sold on products on 3 different print on demand websites. Are you saying it is ok for the licensee to use it this way but not for one of their customers to then use it without changing it?
I’m not even sure a license was purchased in the first place.

Hey @scrapster . If you’re seeing products sold on PoD websites that incorporate your design in a way that meaningfully changes the design, that is fine if they’ve purchased a commercial license. Of course, if they’ve purchased no license at all any use of your products is unauthorized.