Creative market taking more than 40% bug

Most of my sales are not being deducted 40% but more than like 50% 60 and even some as much as 70% and I’m not getting paid right and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this bug.

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Hey there @photohacklovers looking into this it seems like this is due to the fact that some of your products are on sale. Right now, the sales table is reflecting the discount in the earning column but not properly showing it in the product price. We’re working on fixing this right now and appreciate you surfacing the bug.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is showing the same on my shop… I feel like I have to monitor how much money CM is taking from me and I shouldn’t have to worry about that.

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Rest assured we’re working on solving this bug!

apparently not I just heard back from allison t, and she said she cant find any sales where i wasnt paid properly and its basic math if I have product for sale thats $29 and Im only getting $5 for it than somethings not right.