Creative Market is dead place and the worst fonts marketplace?

Hi, i sell my fonts on Myfonts, Fonts, Fontshop, Graphicriver, CreativeFabrica.
And the worst results - traffic (views) and zero sales i have on Creative Market. CM looks like useless dead place, 1-2 views a day and probably most of them not customers but random designers visiting.
I ​had dream to open shop on CM for a long time. You know…that insiprational storie of Nicky Laatz and million dollars she made on CM.
​But reality is punching me in face.
As example. Check my newest font ''Take All", this font has only 3 views for 3 weeks.
Once again, …3 views for 3 weeks…!!! “What the hell is going on, Lieutenant”?
How Nicky Laatz made 1 MILLION dollars? I can’t even earn mooney to buy a one burger selling on CM.


Hey @Andfonts ! I appreciate you reaching out! I’m the Community Manager at Creative Market and would love to share my own insights. Looking at your fonts, I wonder if you might have higher views and sales if you modified the preview images to be more in line with what you see being staff picked. We have a ton of amazing font makers on the marketplace who are creating now just incredible typefaces but packaging them in a way that’s truly eye-catching.

Take a look at our design trends to see what’s been most appealing to customers over the past year!

Hope this is helpful and if you have any more questions let me know!

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Hi Andfonts,
As a former owner of a huge Scrapbooking site with lots of designers I often had the same discussion in the forum with my designers.
Being a designer myself I am with you - but on the other hand: We need to do something ourselves to market our products. And yes, a good suggestion from drew.coffman is updating your previews. I’d say: Show me what I can do with your fonts. Maybe an amazing wedding card? A business card?
Let me know what you think. We are in it together so I definitely understand your pain and problems. The question is how we can find a sweet point of creating - marketing - selling :stuck_out_tongue:
I still believe that CM with all its customers is a great place to sell.
Good luck!

@Andfonts Read this thread and everything will become clear to you.

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well its summer time and a pandemic so slower them usual i agree but bruh its your cover photos. look at Nicky laatz cover photos, Its all about cover aesthetic. If you are not spending as much time on the cover as the font then you are not going to get sales.

It’s great to see that you reply to us quite often and thank you for that. However, it’s time that CM gave us something back for the percentage that you are taking. Such as, more ways to promote us and I don’t mean the few shop owners that you select for your free goods and the occasional sales that you hold (both of which I have entered for the past few years and have been ignored) - I mean something where every creative on this site can promote at least one of their products (at least once a year) to get some exposure on here. I know that there are a lot of designers here but surely there is something that you could do for us which is fair? Bring back the bundles and make them massive with one product from say a quarter of the shops, four times a year? Anything! Please?


I saw a good thread in the forum, two weeks ago or so, where people shared tips on how they bring more attention to their products (e.g. pinterest). You can do a lot on your own.

I’m not stupid. I’ve been promoting on social media for the last 5 years. But thank you anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

As a customer I have missed the bundles for sure and definitely do as a designer. So yes, I believe that would be a wonderful idea!

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