Compatible with - Canva

Hey guys, is it possible to add a compatible with Canva feature? You have it for InDesign Photoshop etc. and since Canva templates are growing in popularity, I’d love to be able to add Canva as a compatible type :slight_smile:


I agree, I have to use “Other” as a software that is needed to open my products created for Canva and I have to tag Canva in the keyword section when uploading product to make sure it will show up in search results. I think it could also be beneficial for customers to have this option so they could filter out the search results.

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@Amabile @malihamannan Same I was thinking and every time I set “other” for Canva evn they don’t want to add then they can give blank space in other options.

This is a great suggestion and I’ll pass it on to our team!!!

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@drew.coffman yeeeee🙌

I would like to search and have the ability to exclude anything from CANVA. I prefer to use my Adobe tools. Is there a way to do that?