CM promotes one style only

Is it just me or does it feel like CM targets a female audience only? I see so many great products but all the “staff picks” are very much the same always, same colors same style, same feel. Is CM just focused on attracting female buyers? If so that’s sad because a great product shouldn’t be male or female they should just be great products and equally promoted. What are your thoughts?


I’m assuming they probably target what they believe to be “in” or trending using the data they have. You may be seeing the same colors because thats what has been selling well. CM is a business so it’s important that they try and reach their audience. Perhaps that audience is primarily women. I sell on another site that gave us statistics last year. I can’t remember specific numbers but its something like 80% of buyers were women and 20% were men.


Hey Jake

Thanks for the message. I think you’re right and I can understand why CM would try to sell to a more female audience. I guess I’m just curious why I’m seeing the same images on the front page for the past year, I feel like they all look the same. I really think that CM could reach a much broader audience with a more diverse selections of products that are staff picked. There are so many great products that buyers would be interested in if they could only see them but unfortunately I feel like those products get buried under thousands of look alike colors and fonts. It would be cool to see CM be more of a trend setter site then a trend follower. I don’t know just my thoughts.


One idea I have would be that CM could cycle there products at the top of their home page. So in other words every time you went to their site different products would appear on the front page like cycling hero images, just one cover image of each product should be fine. So every day or so five or six different products get featured at random. You could still show your top sellers and staff picks below but this would give your audience a chance to see new and exciting products and give your creators a chance to be seen by your audience. This would help promote every creators work regardless of how new or old the product was or how trendy or unknown it might be. Just a thought.


I think a much more diverse set of products would be awesome. I know fonts are huge and get picked a lot. Would be nice to see a little more diversity. Perhaps they could do something along the lines of “Discover Something New” category haha. CM recently did a springs design trends that had several categories of products. Spring Design Trends Finds

Doesn’t look like the link works anymore but I was pretty impressed with this list of products. Unique and creative. Drew does state in the post that these were put together because of a demand for nostalgic 90’s products, extremely bold floral aesthetics, and saturated ‘electric’ colors. So CM is definitely trying to gear these picks towards demand.


another reason why I think that CM’s top selling products are “female” is that they encourage affiliates to use pinterest for ads and pinterest has a mostly female demographic. there are other sites that are more “masculine” for example YouWorkForThem. or even Gumroad. check those out.


You’re right. Only girls buy my themes. Although I did it neutrally But thanks to our beautiful women. I have an income)


That’s awesome. Happy to hear you’re making sales.

I have no issue if the majority of buyers are male or female I just feel like every time I go to CM homepage it’s always the same products there. All Modern Fonts, Watercolors, Gradients, and everything in beige earth tones. I just wonder how those can be the only things selling well on CM over the past year?

I’m just wondering why CM hasn’t considered revitalizing their home page by adding some kind of ‘Featured new Products of the Week’ with a mix of different products from different designers. This would at least give buyers a chance to see new products before they end up buried at the bottom. They could still have their best sellers listed below but this would just be like a shuffling of the pack which I think would bring in even more buyers and more sales for designers. I don’t know, just some thoughts.

Wish you all the best with your shop, you’ve got some great themes.

Joe Rutledge

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@ThatThatCreative I don’t know it’s right or not to ask here but let me ask as you talk about youworkfromthem and gumroad so is it good to sell with youworkfromthem?

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@Khushbugohil You work for them is my second most profitable online shop next to CM. I would for sure say CM does it best. they have the best community support, and they feature the most products form creators. also the audience is just bigger on CM. you work for them takes 50% of the sale as opposed to CM’s 40%. the main benefit of YWFT is that the customer demographic is more contemporary, a bit Avant-Garde, and more masculine. So if you are like me and LOOOVE Avant-Guard design YWFT is worth a shot. YWFT also only pays out quarterly so that is a bit of a bummer.

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@ThatThatCreative Oh thank you so much describe in Detail that’s really helpful to know both platform points.

Is there any exclusiveness rules for product on YWFT or not like that?

Just wanted to chime in in regards to the critique of the homepage only is showing a singular type of style: I disagree!

While we can always do more work to highlight a variety of styles, I have LOVED seeing our Staff Picks section select products of a variety of styles over the last year or two as shop owners have experimented with new styles.

What some of you may be referring to is the ‘popular’ sections of our home page, which is determined by products with the most sales — sometimes products hang out here for awhile, which is why we added a large (and constantly changing) Staff Picks section to the homepage which didn’t exist before!

We’ll continue highlighting a variety of styles that we consider on trend and what our customers are looking for. Appreciate all the input!!

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For sure agree. I sell on like 5 different marketplaces and CM for sure does the best job of highlighting so many shops and different products.

Hey @ParaScopeDesign I’m not sure what email you’re referring to, but you likely got a canned response. It may be the case that our wording in that email should be updated! I’ll check in on that.

The truth is that we see an EXTREMELY high volume of goods being submitted every day, so there’s a lot of reasons why products aren’t selected. I checked in with our curator about your shop and it turns out that the reason why you may have seen a rejection email is because you offered multiple goods, and we typically only select one or two. Another of your goods has already been selected, and is slated to go out this upcoming week.

All of that being said, I would caution anyone saying that one product is ‘more diverse’ than another. We have an amazing marketplace made out of a variety of styles, and we hope shop owners see them all as equally important to Creative Market :slightly_smiling_face:

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