CM dribbble account can be fill with eye catching products


I think sale can be increase if CM market many popular products on Dribbble platform then as I just go through it and I just think that it may help seller if they share products on their official dribbble account.

What you thought @NewTropical ?
Other also welcome for suggestions…may helpful for seller and CM both

Yes, you are right.

But my suggestion is, if you have any ideas don’t give it to someone. Try to execute yourself. Instead of suggesting it to CM admin, you create an account in Dribbble, for ex. “CM Authors”, and invite authors to submit their selling work. It will work better than asking them to create.

Why I’m suggesting it? In future you will experience, how to run a global authors group successfully.


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@emailda-templates woaw what a fantastic idea
I Give idea to CM because if official page do something then it’s impactful and authorised I guess

Thinking to make team on Behance🤩what to say!

Fine. Create it. Both platforms have equal potential. Authors will post on D & B.

Also, do not stop just creating a group. Do some activities weekly or fortnightly. People will keep on post something. All the best :+1:

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@ yes I started for but thing is how can I find authors?:thinking: