CM Customer buying Personal - Selling on Stationery

I have discovered a Customer who bought 3 of my designs with a Personal License and selling them in 2 different shops on stationery etc.

I found and contacted 5 more CM shops where their art is being used and advised them to check their sales records to see if the customer paid for a Personal License.

One shop owner replied to me today that yes … that customer bought an item from them as a Personal and is found being sold on stationery in the customer’s 2 shops.

This offending customer has an Etsy shop and a standalone website shop.

She is a prolific customer here on CM and has 22 pages of purchases going back to 2017. Both of the customer’s shops are filled entirely with art appearing to be from Creative Market. The items she bought from me occurred in 2020.

This is not a simple DMCA take-down. Yes we are the Copyright holders, but the customer has been possibly defrauding Creative Market the company out of their commissions as well. This would be an almost class action DMCA.

I would like to help alert the community somehow to check their sales records for any Personal Licenses bought by this customer.

I could post here links to my own items in question on her 2 shop sites - anyone can then look for their own art on those shop’s sites. I could post a last name only for people to review their sales records if they find their art in the customer’s 2 shops.

Admin…please advise … this customer is a fraud and something needs to be done.

Best Regards All,

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Do you have a link to this Etsy store?

I am not sure if I am allowed to post any links … I am waiting for Admin to respond.

@KarenofPatternGarden there are already some topics here in the forum that discuss the illegal resale of our products, and they always include links to the relevant sellers.

Maybe you can tell which of your products are sold there?

OK then … here are my items -Personal License in the 2 shops:

Customer’s Standalone website shop

Customer’s Etsy shop

So … if you see your art on either of these 2 shop sites - check your sales records for “Springfield” last name - Username is " bylesleymarie" here on Creative Market.

  • her web shops are named using her married last name “Beck”. I have researched this.

I posted my links and some information.

Thank you so much for sharing this link, fortunately I haven’t found any of my illustrations in this shop but, I see the problem, these assets are purchased under a personal license and now sold commercially!!! I’ts CM’s job to send a warning because this customer infringes CM’s terms of use, which clearly says it is forbidden to sell these products under a personal license.
This is very annoying!

Thank you for your interest and your responses! @beehousestudio

Thanks Karen for calling this to my attention. She purchased my hydrangea watercolors with a personal license and has used it on her cards in her Etsy shop as well as her personal website. It also appears that she is calling them her designs and she teaches watercolor classes to kids! If you want to contact her as group I’m definitely in!

Thank you for adding yourself to the artists who have had their art used commercially with a Personal license - this customer has paid for a Personal License and is using your art to sell Commercial @DailyMiracleDigitals … it is just infuriating. And her recent purchases … i.e. last week are going to show up on stationery soon!
Thanks again …Karen

I have had a buyer insist she didn’t need a commercial license because she was selling items that her customers would use personally. It did not matter that I told her the license applies to her not her customers. She got mad at me regardless because I told her that she couldn’t use my art the way she wanted to. I’m not sure how this lady is selling watercolor classes and claiming the art is hers those, that’s ballsy.

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love your reply!! @MariaBPaints

These are horrendous designs :laughing: btw like she didnt even try. Not surprised its on etsy, etsy is filled with this kinda stuff where they take others content and re-sell it. Why dont you report it to etsy?