Clicking a profile in Community should take you to their shop

Hey! Sorry to be negative already with the new community - but I personally feel that clicking on a member’s profile should take you to their shop/profile. I’m not particularly interested in what other posts they have made. Alternatively, if it goes to their ‘community profile’ it should at least be clearer, how to see their Shop/profile, as currently, it’s not so clear to me, is it even possible?

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Hey @StudioAurora , no worries about being negative :slightly_smiling_face: I want this new Community space to feel great for shop owners like you! Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for us to have upgraded to this new Community space and allowed the profile button here to take users directly to a shop — BUT you can edit your profile and add a URL to the section labeled ‘Creative Market Store’ so people can easily get there! Check out @ana.yvy ’s profile for an example.

You can add your Creative Market Shop following the next steps:
Click on your Profile Picture > the star icon > Activity Section > Preferences > Account > Profile > You can now fill out the link of your Creative Market Store > Save Changes…

Thanks @drew.coffman - I forgot/hadn’t considered this might be down to the limitations of the forum platform. Not ideal, but I guess if it’s the only way…

Thanks for the answer!

if you click the circle logo it will bring up like a half window of their profile and a link to their shop. hope that helps.