Changes to the website have made it unuseable

This is the second week in a row I have not been able to download the files offered in the email, this week it just spins then I get a “reciept” that it was downloaded. Never happened, tried it no both Chrome and Firefox. Not sure what has change but I do notice to get to the download the bottom of the screen is calling Facebook and Instagram, not sure if this is for your stats or just to get a link to get the download, but it is just not working. Would have contacted support, but you don’t seem to have a support link on the site???
Any help would be appriciated.

Hey @bluecreektech , we’re currently experiencing a technical issue with the site centered around downloads and are working to resolve it. I’ll update this thread when it’s fixed, which should be shortly :slight_smile:

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@bluecreektech this should now be resolved!

Works like a dream!!! Thank you!