Change Product Title > What happens to the URL?

Hey guys,

What happens to the URL, if I change the product title?
I tried it and found out that it will be changed too – so the more important thing:
Will the product still be accessible via the old product URL after the change?

Why am I asking? > Pinterest!
I want to reorganize my shop and I’ve already shared hundreds of pins referring to the current URLs. I just want to make sure that those pins won’t include broken links after I change the product titles…

Thanks a lot in advance for some technical information on this.

I try for my one product added number of files like digit and then name.when I check older pin of same collection it’s landed exactly so no issue by changing name but still before it you can contact support for guidence as they know the link formation.

Hey @monogramworld ! Great question, and good news! Changing your product’s title won’t impact your URLs. So they’ll still appear like normal on any previous links like Pinterest! Happy reorganizing!


Hey @drew.coffman ! Thanks for the good news! :blush: