Can't login anymore and shop profile is gone?

We can’t get into to our shop account anymore and our profile page is gone!? returns a 404 error.

Our products are still listed and we also get sales notifications via email, but I can’t log into our account.
Does anybody else have this problem or is it just us?

@drew.coffman I have already contacted support, but haven’t gotten an answer for 2 days. This is serious, we need to answer messages and edit product listings. Please help!

Hey there! I confirmed that we’ve received your Support reply and you should receive a response from our team soon :slight_smile:

Hi, just scrolled down the discussion and we’re the next shop that experiencing the same thing right now. we’re shocked that we can’t login to our creative market shop account :(((

we even can’t find our link to creative market shop?! We’d like to respond to our customers inquiries and new products

It is eviory.

We have contact support but still no response. We’d really appreciate your help @drew.coffman



That’s so strange, I see your products listed but when I click on your shop it says ‘page doesn’t exist’. I hope they can square this away for you ASAP.

@Sofydoll_Designs hi, thank you for the wish. They already fixed it :slight_smile:

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