Can you have, say, two social media shops

I’ve bought a number of commercial licenses for designs to use in fabrics - Edit: I use the fabric to make lampshades. Does this clause - “One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee” - in the license mean I can only have , say, an Instagram shop but not an Instagram and Pinterest shop at the same time? Or does it mean I can only use one business name when setting up the shops?


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@TonyDunne As per CM point you can use that for one account

but as we see as one business account (same name) then it can be multiple account on different platforms so license is not like that you have to purchase license for different social media??? Isn’t it? Still I also would like to know about it @Sofydoll_Designs

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If you read on CM’s licensing it says:

Social Media Account: Business

A social media account, as mentioned in our License terms, refers to a social media “presence” and may include social media accounts on multiple platforms that are all owned by the same person, company, or brand. For example, your business might have a Twitter account, Facebook account, and Instagram account with the same, or a similar, handle. This is one social media presence.’


Hi Vicky, I was hoping that would be the case. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Best wishes, Tony


No problem @TonyDunne…I think you should be good :slight_smile:

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@Sofydoll_Designs Thank you for clarifying :blush:

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