Can we get the option to payout more frequently? Or

can we at least get some kind of “Payout at the end of the month” default ?? So that I don’t have to remember to request my payout and then if I miss it I have to wait another whole month? Come on, this should be standard by now. Every other platform I’ve used lets you request a payout whenever you want.


Ok, so I just went to request payout and now there is no option to do so, it just says “You must have an earnings balance of $20 or more to withdraw your earnings.” Which, the monthly payout just went out so now my balance is $0. So now I have to wait to earn over $20 before I can request payout at the end of the month? And if I forget? Why was the option to request payout button removed??? I get that we need to have a minimum to withdraw, and I will earn that, but now I have to remember to come back after that to request the payout??? Or is this feature been like this for a while and I haven’t noticed because I haven’t requested payout immediately after it processes? Can we get something that permanently releases the payment?? I would think as shop owners we can make that decision on our own without being baby-sat by CM?? And since my previous post has been here for literally a month with no response from CM @drew.coffman ???

thanks for the awesome information.

Hi @MariaBPaints !

Unfortunately we are unable to offer automated payouts at this time. However, we always like to remind our Shops that you are able to use the “Full Balance” option. With this feature, you can submit a payout request at any time during the month and you will receive a payout in the amount of the full balance of your account when we process payouts at the beginning of the month. Please note that you will need to have at least $20 in your account in order to use this feature.

We created this option to give Shop Owners more flexibility around when they can submit a payout request, and still receive the most earnings available.

I hope this helps!

@brooke no, it doesn’t. I am aware of how the payout works. I think it’s silly that we can’t access our own funds for a month. If we forget to request payout we have to wait a whole other month. Why can’t there be an option to keep the payout on so that we don’t have to request it? I can’t imagine every other platform has figured out how to allow more frequent payouts but CM just can’t for some reason.

Hi @MariaBPaints

In the rare event that you forget to request a payout, please feel free to reach out to our Support team for assistance. They’ll be happy to help you in any way that they can.

While we are unable to offer automated payouts, we’re always working to improve the Shop Owner experience and we really appreciate your feedback.