Can a shop be sold?

Hi everyone,

I’m not considering it but I was wondering if it was possible to sell a shop (technically I don’t see a problem) and if you knew someone who did it.

Thanks! :smiley:


Oh! Required buyer also who take shop

It’s just idea: if sold is done with seller who can run shop & both parties decide for mutual business so if you want to take small % from that when sell done in future then also a other option for revenue :thinking: isn’t it

But it’s great to run own shop😄

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Could you please elaborate? Thanks!


That would be a partnership, yes this is doable. There are other shops that partner to create a new shop. In my case the question is really leaving the business to a new owner. So I was wondering if anyone has done it.

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Ohkay got it… sorry that was just idea

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