Brushed Metal Textures

I believe that nothing is more important for a designer than a ready-made portfolio of his work. However, to create them, you need to start somewhere. I have already done several projects that will be my face in front of the employer. Therefore, I decided to take a few jobs for free in order to get good reviews on freelance. One of the customers wanted a 3D art transformer. The work is not difficult, but it requires a lot of detail in the little things. For example, in order to draw all the details in a mechanism, many different metal textures are required.

And since the deadlines are burning, I use a little life hack. It happens that when a lot of things need to be drawn, I use ready-made textures. Since this also saves time significantly, and the work will turn out to be of high quality. This is due to the fact that textures are rendered for a significant amount of time in order for the quality to correspond to the high resolution. In the meantime, these metal textures have resolution that allows you to do most of the work with them. Eight by four thousand pixels allow you to either distribute textures or reduce them, and the quality does not deteriorate at all.

But of course I was more attracted by the visual effect of the textures themselves. The fact is that matte metal backgrounds for any design work may be suitable in the future. And therefore, when I purchased them for a modest cost, I was sure that this was far from one time. But the fact that there are as many as twenty different images here helped me create a 3D art transformer as detailed as possible. I gave each detail a special texture, which was made specifically for such purposes. Undoubtedly, they are quite similar to each other, but there are also minor differences. Somewhere the sunlight falls at one angle, somewhere at another.

Metal abrasions in places, and smooth in places. Therefore, brushed metal textures are just right if you want to create a large project that uses natural metal. Looking at the overall picture, it seems that everything is drawn independently, as if it should be so. And the thought that these are superimposed ready-made textures from the store does not even appear. Meanwhile, after the job has finished. The textures remained in my working tools, and I use them periodically to this day, in every work. When you need to create an art volume in a metallic style, you no longer need to buy anything, because everything remains in jpeg files on your computer.

Textures.World: 20 Brushed Metal Background Textures

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