Blank columns in my dashboard!

Hi guys, am I the only one with this bug?

I have noticed that – in my dashboard – the three columns “All-Time Most Sold”, “All-Time Most Liked” and “All-Time Most Viewed” are blank. They only have the thumbnails of the products… not names and dollars/numbers.

What happens?

Ok, I am the only one.
I think it’s impossible…

hmm, apologies for missing this the first time around @riccardoanelli ! Have you reached out to Support to see if they can troubleshoot this for you? I’ll work with our team to file a bug and get it fixed if it’s on our end! :slight_smile:

@drew.coffman No, honestly this was my only communication. :roll_eyes:
I thought it was a shared issue… but obviously it isn’t. :wink: