Blank columns in my dashboard!

Hi guys, am I the only one with this bug?

I have noticed that – in my dashboard – the three columns “All-Time Most Sold”, “All-Time Most Liked” and “All-Time Most Viewed” are blank. They only have the thumbnails of the products… not names and dollars/numbers.

What happens?

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Ok, I am the only one.
I think it’s impossible…

hmm, apologies for missing this the first time around @riccardoanelli ! Have you reached out to Support to see if they can troubleshoot this for you? I’ll work with our team to file a bug and get it fixed if it’s on our end! :slight_smile:

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@drew.coffman No, honestly this was my only communication. :roll_eyes:
I thought it was a shared issue… but obviously it isn’t. :wink:

@drew.coffman Hi, is there an update about this? The bug is always here!

Just noticed that I have similar issue. It was broken since I remember this columns - only counters updates, but not rankings. But now I can see only icons of products, but no text near them.


@pred_artem Finally I found another shop owner with this bug. I am sorry for you, but I was sure I am not the only one with this issue!

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hi @riccardoanelli yes I have this issue too, I just see the icons, no text!

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@dailydesignables Welcome aboard! :wink: :joy:

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yes same only preview image of product but not ranking for all 3 option.
from months I guess issues in my browser but after changing devices it’s same.

and even in some browser I can’t able to see text (product name/price/licenses etc) only preview image is there.

Yeah, same here. It start with my statistic table. Tried to sort my products earning on the dashboard and that’s did not works properly. Then product rank at the bottom just appeared icons. Please resolve this @drew.coffman

@Khushbugohil @fisihsani Yes, I don’t know why… :roll_eyes:

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@riccardoanelli Still I can’t see product most views/all time sell etc

@drew.coffman This seems to be due to a font-size rule overriding existing font rules, if that’s helpful to pass on.

Other shop owners, you can still go to the page and sort by sales/views/likes etc. there to see the same info!


A miracle! Now my columns work! :)))