Black Friday Wrap-Up!

Hey Shop Owners!

Black Friday came and went, and it was one for the books! Over the course of the sale a staggering 27,000+ products were added, making this our largest promotion ever. After setting multiple sale records, we wanted to highlight the success of 2021’s Black Friday sale and share some insights from the week that was.

  • The average Shop saw a 21% lift in sales whether they participated in the sale, or not
  • While 5% of all sale products made it to the Black Friday Finds Page, 75% of all purchases came from discounted products that were not featured there!
  • On average, sales from products included in the promotion more than doubled

So, by simply participating your products in our Black Friday Sale, you more than likely reaped the rewards of this year’s promotion. With a record breaking number of customers making purchases on our site, we’re so pleased to announce the huge success that was this year’s Black Friday Sale.

It’s also worth noting that this was the first sale to include our new promotional tool, and we learned a lot that we’re excited to apply to future promotions to ensure successful sales continue here at Creative Market!

With that, we wanted to congratulate all your hard work and thank you for taking part. We can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve in our next sale!