Bad idea to change my username for my shop?

I have been thinking of changing my username from my nickname allierichardson to my full name allisonrichardson to match my social accounts. My storefront has been active for a few years and I do get sales. If change my username, which is also the url for my shop, will that negatively affect anything?


I wouldn’t change anything. As they say, you don’t need to touch what works well…

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I support, I have this experience. Search bots will not find your store. They will need time to index again.

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Hi @AndreyKENO , nice answer.

Do you think it will also affect on ‘inactive’ account, I mean shops which not have any new product for about a few years?

Because I have this experience too, my shop opened in 2015, I didn’t have any new products since 2016 - 2020. I just revive and rebrand my shop in Dec 2020 and now I’m still struggling to get consistent sales.

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Hello! If there were no groceries in the store at all, then nothing terrible. If there were few products, then they have already been indexed by search engines. You will not lose anything if you had no sales at all, but if you had even a small income, it means that the products are indexed and when new ones are added, your store will be re-indexed by search engines.

Hey, thanks for the answer. I had a small income from the old product and I keep it as a draft. Yeah, you’re right my shop seems re-indexed. Good luck with sales, mate!

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Thank you and the same to you!