Anyone notice a drop in sales after the "personal license" cost is hidden?

I’ve bought my fair share from Creative Market. However I noticed recently when I go to purchase there’s only one price option immediately visible and it’s much more expensive than I’m used to paying. I then realize It’s the commercial license, and the personal license is hidden - you need to click the small “more options below” button to see the lower personal cost. I imagine if someone’s a new user to Creative Market, they may not be familiar with the pricing options and just assume that the expensive commercial license option is the only option. Perhaps this is partly to blame for a drop in sales - people are immediately turned off by price and look elsewhere on the web for more affordable assets for their personal uses.

Has anyone noticed more purchases of “commercial licensed” options, and just less sales in general since this change?


Same here - sales are dead.


Yes, no single sell in this month…but may be some proper audience take a time for commercial use network :blush:

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Yep, no sales since middle of August.


The traffic is falling down fast since August. am i the only one? it’s strange if it’s solely caused by the hidden “personal license”

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Sales are down in numbers, but I’m making more commercial license sales, so it’s evened itself out :joy: