Anyone else bought fonts they can't use?

Anyone else bought fonts they can’t use because after trying everything, you still cannot install them on your windows 10 so wasted your money?

I bought the Heritage brand collection back in May and have had no joy and only frustration after frustration trying countless times and way to install the fonts.

Any help at all would be great and so appreciated.

Hey @SoniAvon, did you reach out to the shop owner Jeremy at Hustle Supply? I’m sure he can help out with that. Installing fonts to your system should be relatively straightforward;

I actually thought I had tried everything! I was getting error messages and all-sorts because I was trying to add the fonts the old way. My bad… :woman_facepalming:
Anyway, thanks Sam; fonts installed and I’m happy though I feel like an idiot, but I deserve that. :sweat_smile: