Again Monday freebies mail not coming


Since August is occurring…Monday freebies mail not coming when I contact to support they resolve it and I appreciate as well :blush: for their quick action. but again in some week it’s not coming.

Is it bug?
That may be affect to buyers, traffic and sell. :blush:



Hey @Khushbugohil !

Please contact our Support team and let them know. They can help investigate if there’s an error again on our side! Apologies for the issue.

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you can always just come on the site and download it, thats what i do im not getting the emails anymore either.


@drew.coffman I got a mail. Thank you for your support :blush:

Mail didn’t come to me too :cry: I’m waiting since August. @drew.coffman

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@demetozge yeah… I understand

After website maintainance from August mostly Monday I mail them :blush: to aware that may be affect their traffic and our sell.

You can contact support for it they will help you.