Affiliate links has not contain parameter code

We all time from first day using prioritelly affiliate links. And today when I made SEO products optimalizations see than all my affiliate links are basic (not affiliate) URLs. What non sense it is Creative Market heads? We have links at hundreds places! Please write than this is only dream and you not doing purposefully this to your sellers.

Hey @Goashape , it sounds like you’re having issues with affiliate links, is that right? I am not sure about all of the details, but please reach out to Support who will be happy to help.

This is robot answer? ROFL What is the purpose of this forum?

Nope, I’m a human :wave:

I just don’t have enough context from your message to help you out, and our Support team will be able to look into your account and understand the actual dilemma. To clarify, there isn’t any major Affiliate link breaking bug, so it sounds like a specific error that Support can help you get to the bottom of.

honestly? I don’t believe it’s a mistake as it affects all affiliate links that have changed to regular links. The fact that one day you took without shame 10% of sales was a force, and even deceiving at the affiliate level … strong coffee. Who will return the lost profit? Your support team, probably not!

I don’t think I have enough context to understand what you’re saying changed. Are you saying that all of your affiliate links, when clicked, don’t include your affiliate token?

If that’s the case, obviously that’s not intentional :slightly_smiling_face: We want to make sure that affiliate links work properly so that people like you continue to share 'em! Again, if that’s the case, please contact Support who can look into the issue further. We’d be happy to help!

Your support not contacted me back 5 days! Another 5 days without working affiliate links - who give me back losing money for this time? You have only full mouth of nice words Drew…

still no answer! 9 days…

Hey @Goashape , I just checked with our Support team and the last correspondence we have is a message we sent you on the 21st of January.

Why don’t you send me an email at and I’ll help?

I sent request via web form. You know what is our problem, we write at community forum where you answered. Why you ask me than why I not send you again same message? We going chatting or CM do something for us?

@Goashape It seems like there may have been an error where your previous message didn’t go through to our team, so you can resubmit it or email me so I can forward it for you

Check our community discussion Drew :slight_smile: all is there. You will send me next empty message how I need write to your super support team and must waiting other weeks? Horrible, horrible support!

@Goashape hi bro !
Do u mean bug in website when we click copy there won’t our affiliate code will not added ? It happen sometimes we without noticing it add in our website by trust … i think that is just a bug ! Did u mean that ? Or anything else ? .

  ....... Smile , have a great day ahead

Hi Jaya, yes our some affiliate links are normal links. Example, this was affiliate link before:

Thank you

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@Goashape that is a bug in code it happens it happens randomly. Don’t trust that method of adding link . I understand it serious use . Just use normal ?username. . That copy box mostly will work but rarely it stop working for few days for reason. And we affiliates won’t notice it when it happens it cause serious loss for us .so don’t trust inbuilt shortener just use ?username or use someother outside shortener to short it if u wanna it. I hope creativemarket developer able to clear it. @Goashape bro can give some comments about new affiliate rules happened 9 months ago is it postive or negative?