A piece of advice for new one

Hello, creatives I am writing here to ask for advice.
I opened my shop almost 3 months ago.
My store’s theme is cute baby patterns and illustrations.
I try to keep track of the main topics and trends in my niche, but so far my shop is not working.
For these three months, I have been uploaded my products and now I have 7 finished products, but I have not had a single sale.
Obviously, I am doing something wrong.
I would be very grateful for the advice of experienced Creative Market authors.
I really like drawing children’s illustrations, but maybe the best solution for my store is a total niche change?
I would be glad to hear your opinion and advice.
Thank you for your attention to my post.
I wish you success and good sales.

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Try to get handpicked and participate in weekly freebies - more people will notice you, affiliates will start share your products


Thank you for your reply, I will try.
Could you tell me about your experience when was the first time you were selected to the handpicked?

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I think you need to wait a little longer, there will be sales, and it is very difficult to get into free giveaways. Focus on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Dribble, Behines, Pinterest advertise your products by posting a link to your store and products. My first sales started 2 months later. In my store, mostly cartoon characters, but the first sales came from psychedelic posters, so see for yourself what to sell.


Thank you very much for your answer and advice, I think I will continue to work and develop my store.
I have just seen your work, you have very funny and cute characters:slight_smile:

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Hey @JT_Design_Art! We’re happy to have you! I just followed your shop so I can keep up with your products :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend you check out what’s trending to understand what our buyers are interested in. We recently created a Finds page with a bunch of great trends we’re recognizing for the Spring!

I’d also suggest learning more about what makes a good product thumbnail on Creative Market, in order to catch the eye of browsing customers.

We wrote an article on that not too long ago, check it out!

If you have any specific questions let me know, I’m happy to help!


Hello @drew.coffman
Thanks a lot for your time and attention to my question.
I am happy to be a part of the creative market community.

Yes, thank you, I saw trends of the Spring - 90’s definitely coming back. It looks very bright and now I am thinking about how to combine bright bold florals and electric hues with a baby niche. This will be an unexpected decision for me insofar as I am used to using pastel colors.
Special thanks for recommending this article (5 Tricks We’ve Learned About Great Product Shots). I have not seen it before, your help is very useful for me.

I usually make one product every month, in this way I manage to produce something new constantly, I get handpicked quite often and I manage to realize the demands of the marketplace regarding to my products.

Hey @JT_Design_Art, your artwork is great and I wouldn’t change your niche at all. It takes time to build up a customer base so give it time. I would also suggest offering a free good. That really increased traffic to my shop, but it did take a while to be accepted so this would not be something you could immediately implement and see results. It also helps to grow a following elsewhere and direct traffic to your shop that way. Pinterest and Instagram are great for this.

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Thank you very much for your good words about my works and your advice, I am very pleased. Sometimes it is very difficult to continue working when you do not have any feedback at all, but I’ll just have patience and continued :slight_smile: