A new way to buy fonts: Buy now - Get updates later!

Hey all,
I am trying a new format: Buy Now - Get Free Updates Later. I enables customers to buy an appealing typeface in an early stage for a low price. They will receive the updates for free, while anyone else will have to pay the full price once the type family is finished.

How do you think that this could work on Creative Market. Has anyone else experience with such offers? If yes, are they good or bad? What are your objections?



Hey Anita! :blush:

If you like the idea in general - give it a go! Why not? You never know what the result could be. Maybe people enjoy the discount they could get?

My personal two cents on this? In general a cool idea but I would consider the traps.

  1. If a designer works on a client project that needs a corporate and the clients is for example a huge company, you’ll have to share the font with them /the printer /their inhouse peeps during the development of the project to make sure the workflow is uninterrupted. In this case a change inside the font afterwards would cause massive back and forth with clients. This is why I personally would never buy an unfinished font for this kind of use case.

  2. The other thing that could happen: Unhappy customers caused by a different expectation on the actual update date if you don’t specify the “later”. People could get demanding on when the update is coming and could float your comments, review section or inbox with questions. On the other hand this could be also a way to receive direct feedback on what people like or dislike.

The (rhetorical) question is: what is your intention on this? Is this solely a marketing strategy to get more sales or is the purpose a direct feedback during the emergence?
I can imagine this idea could work in a fundraiser where the community has influence on the outcome, which could be a really nice idea.

Ana :v:t2:

P.S. The font looks nice!

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Hi Ana,
Thank you for your reply and your two cents. It’s highly appreciated.

At first, if you purchase a font license, it is usually not allowed to share the font with other people, printers, companies… (please tell me if I am wrong and missed a significant license update on CM - then I should strongly consider to close my shop), so this problem should not appear. Designers usually hand over a pdf to a printer and a big company usually buy licenses for themself.

  1. I actually would be happy if customers would start commenting my fonts. This would mean I would sell a significant amount of products on CM, which I don’t. :sweat_smile:

  2. Yes. I am basically trying to activate the market for me. There are some essential advantages for both sides to sell fonts-in-progress. On customer site, there is a possibility to purchase a great font and get a huge font family afterwards. You also can influence the font by asking for updates. On designers site, you can release more designs and see which one is running. You also get support & some income while developing. There is a lower risk to release a font in an early state instead of create a font family with 30 styles, weights, alternates, small caps, languages and countless features, which can take many month to develope.

And the usual question as it is: Where is the point that you would consider a typeface so be finished? A basic character set (like this already has)? Or at least 5 styles? Or at least 900 glyphs? A typeface has always the potential to grow and expand.


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You’re very welcome! This was really just thinking out loud.

And yes, you’re right! I think I explained the 1. point in a way that can be misunderstood. I mean, you work on a version with several people. If someone than receives an update you are not in the same line.

Regarding your last points: totally, I honestly thought you mean like changing characters. If you add more styles I think it would be cool to advertise it like that! But same here: If I need a font in another style NOW, I would not take the risk not knowing when I receive the update. By offering a time frame it could remove this issue and make it even sth like an event!

Maybe feedback from shops who focus more on fonts than I do would be helpful too! I think the idea is expandable :smiley:

That’s interesting. So you would rather spend 300$ for a full family instead of $14 for a font with the chance that it will be updated as you wish?

I would love to hear other people’s opinion on this. :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to shout out that I think this is a wonderful idea and a really cool approach! Appreciate you on the marketplace, @Anita_Jurgeleit :slight_smile:


So you would rather spend 300$ for a full family instead of $14 for a font with the chance that it will be updated as you wish?

Hm, I would say it depends. If the font is made by a creator I admire a lot & if I’m a huge fan I would properly buy it from the very beginning. If this would be for a project I need atm, I would look for sth thats already finished.

But this is only my honest opinion. I’m sure there are different views on that too like Drews!

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That’s a very good idea! I did it myself back in 2013 with my “Kufigraph” Arabic font when it used to have a single weight only (I recently added two more weights to it)
I would also advice you to make sure to mention what differs in the future versions because, you know, a lot of font users might not really notice the difference.
:blush: Good luck!